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Astronomers discover Milky Way's heaviest known black hole

Astronomers discover Milky Way’s heaviest known black hole

Jerusalem, April 16: Astronomers have found BH3, which is by far the heaviest known stellar black hole in the Milky Way galaxy, 33 times the mass of the Sun. An international research team found the black hole when looking into the latest data group recorded in the European Space Agency’s

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India is our strategic partner, world’s largest democracy: US

Washington, April 16: US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller has said that India is the world’s largest democracy and an important strategic partner of Washington. His remarks came while answering a question on recent reports critical of the Indian government ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in the country. Replying

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World Health Day
World Health Day

World Health Day: What is ailing Indians, and the progress made so far

India has in the recent years effectively eradicated polio and made some progress in reducing maternal and infant mortality rates, but the country continues to battle non-communicable diseases, respiratory diseases and mental health issues, according to experts on World Health Day on Sunday. World Health Day is marked every year

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Controversial Stunt

Controversial Stunt Sparks Outrage: Foreign YouTuber’s Metro Misadventure

A recent social media post by Fidias Panayiotou, a foreign YouTuber known as the ‘professional mistake maker’, has ignited a wave of outrage as he demonstrated a method of ‘sneaking into the Indian metro’ without purchasing a ticket. The video showcased Panayiotou engaging fellow commuters, inquiring about the plausibility of

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