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Controversial Stunt Sparks Outrage: Foreign YouTuber’s Metro Misadventure


A recent social media post by Fidias Panayiotou, a foreign YouTuber known as the ‘professional mistake maker’, has ignited a wave of outrage as he demonstrated a method of ‘sneaking into the Indian metro’ without purchasing a ticket. The video showcased Panayiotou engaging fellow commuters, inquiring about the plausibility of ticketless travel, and proceeding to bypass the ticket gate to enter the station. In a highly criticized act, he even performed pull-ups inside a crowded train before disembarking at another station using the same approach.

The video rapidly went viral, garnering over a million views and numerous comments within just three days of being posted. Social media users expressed their displeasure, urging action against the content creator and questioning the ethics and legality of his actions. Some even called for involving the Bengaluru Police, while others highlighted the double standards that might exist if the situation were reversed. The incident has sparked a wider conversation on responsible content creation and cultural respect.

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