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Elon Musk’s X (Formerly Twitter) Updates Privacy Policy to Collect Biometric and Personal Data


X, formerly known as Twitter, has made significant changes to its privacy policy, sparking concerns over the collection of bio-metric and personal data. As revealed by Bloomberg, the updated policy outlines the potential gathering of bio-metric information, educational history, and employment preferences from users. The company states that bio-metrics will serve as an additional layer of verification, allowing premium users to link their accounts to government-issued IDs and photos, aiding in the fight against impersonation and enhancing platform security.

Furthermore, X intends to collect and utilize various personal details, including employment history, skills, job search activities, and more. These data points will be employed to recommend potential jobs, connect job seekers with employers, and deliver more relevant advertising.

The privacy policy update comes after X faced a class action lawsuit earlier this year for allegedly mishandling Illinois residents’ bio-metric data without consent. The lawsuit highlighted the company’s failure to inform users adequately about the collection and storage of bio-metric identifiers from photos containing faces uploaded to Twitter. X’s privacy policy revisions are likely to provoke discussions about data privacy and user consent in the digital age.