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Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Furina’s Unique Playstyle and Potential Release Date

Furina's kit has been leaked in a new wave of Genshin Impact 4.2 leaks (Image source: HoYoverse)

A recent Genshin Impact leak has uncovered exciting details about Furina, the enigmatic “God of Justice” and one of the seven Archons in the game’s ongoing version 4.0. While fans eagerly await her playable debut, it has been confirmed that Furina won’t be joining the roster in the next update, as the spotlight will be on catalyst users Wriothesley and Neuvillette.

The leak sheds light on Furina’s distinctive kit, centered around a stacking system tied to her HP, a characteristic shared with Hydro users. To maximize her potential, players may need a team healer, as one of her skills drains HP from the entire party, potentially conflicting with Pyro DPS characters like Hu Tao.

The leak also suggests that Dendro healer Baizhu could be the ideal partner for Furina due to his potent healing capabilities. Furina’s Elemental Skill introduces a unique gadget that enhances the active character’s attacks, similar to Nahida’s Illusory Heart.

This God of Justice promises to be a versatile addition to Genshin Impact, suitable for various team compositions. As for her release date, rumors suggest Furina may grace version 4.2, anticipated for the first half of November, according to HoYoverse’s update schedule.

Stay tuned for more updates as Genshin Impact continues to evolve on PC, PS4, PS5, mobile devices, and the upcoming Nintendo Switch version.