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Historic Milestone: India’s Women’s Reservation Bill Introduced in New Parliament Building


In a historic moment for India’s democracy, Union law minister Arjun Meghwal tabled the Women’s Reservation Bill in the Lok Sabha, marking the first official proceeding in the newly inaugurated Parliament building. The bill, which seeks to reserve 33 percent of seats for women in both the Lok Sabha and state assemblies, received unanimous approval from the Union cabinet.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing the Lok Sabha, emphasized the significance of this constitutional amendment, which aims to empower women in politics and enhance their participation in the highest legislative bodies. He noted that discussions on the Women’s Reservation Bill had occurred for many years but were thwarted by a lack of majority support. Today, he proudly announced the government’s commitment to fulfilling this aspiration.

The 128th Amendment Bill 2023 stipulates that seats shall be reserved for women, including women from the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. This legislation extends the reservation of seats for women to state assemblies as well. Additionally, the bill addresses the rotation of reserved seats in Lok Sabha, state assemblies, and the Delhi assembly.

Prime Minister Modi led a symbolic walk from the old Parliament building to the new complex, accompanied by prominent leaders, marking the transition to the modern architectural marvel. In his address, he encouraged all parliamentarians to let the new Parliament building serve as an inspiration to the nation, coinciding with the auspicious Samvatsari, a day of seeking forgiveness and reconciliation.