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Manipur: ‘Cyclonic’ storm damages over 40 houses across state

Manipur ‘Cyclonic’ storm damages over 40 houses across state
Manipur ‘Cyclonic’ storm damages over 40 houses across state

IMPHAL: Manipur is reeling from the aftermath of a cyclonic storm accompanied by strong winds that struck the state, leaving a trail of destruction with over 40 houses damaged on Wednesday, according to a report.

A gusty wind accompanied by heavy rains left behind a trail of destruction at Thamnapokpi village in Imphal East district on Wednesday at around 11 am.

It is reported that the gusty wind caused extensive damage to about 40 houses, standing crops, and livestock shelters in and around the Thamnapokpi village under the Lamlai assembly constituency.

Electric poles were uprooted and power wires in and around the location were snapped in the fury of nature that swept across the state from the southern part of the state towards the northeastern location.

At the center of the Thamnapokpi village, most of the dwelling houses were uprooted and the strong wind had swept away some of the houses in the far distances.

Memcha Devi, who owned a small shop in the village said that her shop was blown away by the strong wind and all the items inside the shop had also been destroyed in the cyclonic storm that lasted around 15 minutes.

The villagers whose houses were destroyed in the fury of nature have expressed their wanting assistance from various quarters mainly from the government.

At a residence of Uripok Naoremthong in Imphal West district, a tall tree caught fire when a thunderbolt struck it.

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