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Neeraj Chopra secures the second position in the Zurich Diamond League, while Sreeshankar claims the fifth position


Neeraj Chopra, renowned as the first Indian to clinch a World Championships gold, showcased his determination at the Zurich competition. His campaign commenced with an initial throw of 80.79m, which he couldn’t surpass in the subsequent two rounds due to fouls in the second and third attempts. Uncharacteristically, he found himself in the fifth position after the third round of throws.

However, the 25-year-old athlete summoned his inner strength during his fourth attempt, propelling an impressive 85.22m throw that propelled him to the second position on the leaderboard. This feat granted him a chance to vie for the coveted top spot, a privilege bestowed upon only the top three participants for the final throw, the sixth attempt, in Diamond League events.

Vadlejch led the pack with an 85.86m throw but faltered in his final attempt. Neeraj’s performance during his final throw showcased his finest effort of the evening, though it fell tantalizingly short of securing victory. Julian Weber, the reigning champion of the 2023 European Games, secured third place with an 85.04m throw.

Having already secured his place in the finals by triumphing in the Doha and Lausanne editions earlier this year, Neeraj, who holds the title of reigning Diamond League champion, shared his thoughts on the competition. “I feel very good now, because everyone is a little tired after the World Championships – we gave our 100% there, but for this competition here my focus was to just stay healthy, and we have to focus now for Eugene and then the Asian Games,” Neeraj explained post-event. He emphasized the importance of balancing his performance and well-being, underscoring that sometimes the primary goal is maintaining good health.