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PCI selects ‘Sewali Phool handwash’ an innovation of USTM Pharmacy School for Pharma Anveshan-2023


Dr. Sudarshana Borah, Associate Prof., School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, USTM

The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) has selected the ‘Sewali Phool handwash’, an innovation of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Science and Technology Meghalaya (USTM) to be presented at the National Pharmacy Education Day 2023 on 6th March at Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi.

The innovation has been mentored by Dr Sudarshana Borah and co-mentored by Aditya Bora and Dr Pallab Kalita. The student team members include Bazlur Rahman, Sharmina Begum (B Pharm 8th semester); Jahid Akthar, Riya Salam and Sujata Kumari (B Pharm 6th semester) of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, USTM.

In a letter sent from PCI yesterday, it was stated that the concept note of the in-house designed formulation on ‘Sewali Phool handwash’ has been selected by the screening committee for Pharma Anveshan-2023, which will be held at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi on the 6th March 2023 on the occasion of ‘National Pharmacy Education Day 2023’ celebration by PCI, New Delhi. It could be mentioned that this innovation has already been granted with German Patent.

The letter reads, “Your concept presentation verbally explains the innovativeness of your research and innovation. The concept note presentation will include brief information, commercial aspects, and benefits to society or industry, along with any revenue generated.”