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Royal Enfield Rental Scheme: Explore India on Two Wheels with Ease | read in details


Royal Enfield, the iconic motorcycle manufacturer, has introduced a game-changing initiative named Royal Enfield Rental in India. This program offers motorcycle rentals in collaboration with over 40 rental operators across 25 prominent Indian cities. With a diverse fleet of over 300 motorcycles, enthusiasts can now easily rent a Royal Enfield bike for their adventures.

Cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Leh, Goa, and Chennai are among the 25 locations where Royal Enfield Rental is accessible. The company plans to expand its reach to more cities in the near future. To book a rental Royal Enfield bike, visit the Royal Enfield Rental website, select your city, pick-up and drop-off dates, and browse available models with their respective prices. This initiative aims to provide widespread access to Royal Enfield motorcycles and support rental operators, enhancing the motorcycling experience for enthusiasts across India.

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Mohit Dhar Jayal, Chief Brand Officer, Royal Enfield, said, “Our extended family of motorcycle rental and tour operators and mechanics have played a critical role in shaping our culture and mission of pure motorcycling. Alongside our efforts, the people of this extended ecosystem have built wider access and aspiration for our motorcycles.”

“Our new Royal Enfield Rentals initiative will enable access for riders to rent a motorcycle anywhere in India, and it will also enhance the level of support we offer to all motorcycle rental operators who represent the backbone of our ecosystem across tourist and rider destinations everywhere,” he added.