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Sana Ali, daughter of a bus driver, appointed as ISRO scientist.


NEDP Staff Report: Sana Ali, a bus driver’s daughter, has been appointed by the Indian Space Research Organization as an assistant technical engineer (ISRO).
Sana, a native of the Madhya Pradesh region’s Vidisha district, has been selected to work at the Satish Dhawan Space Center ISRO, which is situated in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh’s Tirupati district.

Sana attained this distinction by working incredibly hard, having confidence in her convictions, and being sincere in her intentions.

Sana completed her B.Tech and M.Tech degrees at Vidisha’s Samrat Ashok Technical Institute (SATI) despite having little resources available to her due to her father’s low income.

Sana’s mother mortgaged her jewellery and her father, Sayed Sajid Ali, had to take out loans to support her daughter’s education.

I was raised in a middle-class family. I want to send a message to all women: pursue your education no matter what. Put out all of your effort to achieve the objective you have set for yourself. After making her choice, Sana remarked.

“You need to work hard despite all the failures that will come your way,” she said.