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Schmooze: Meme-based dating app from Stanford launches in India


Schmooze, the groundbreaking meme-centric dating app, has made its debut in India, promising a fresh take on online dating that values humor, sincerity, and genuine connections above all else. This venture aims to disrupt India’s crowded online dating landscape while striking a chord with the Gen Z demographic. With a thorough understanding of India’s meme culture, gained through engagement on various social media platforms, Schmooze aspires to offer a rejuvenating and meaningful path for Indian users on their quest for love, prioritizing the cultivation of meaningful connections.

In contrast to traditional dating apps, Schmooze stands out by encouraging users to initiate conversations through the exchange of relatable memes. This approach resonates particularly well with the younger generation, who place a premium on both humor and authentic self-expression. Schmooze’s artificial intelligence is adept at comprehending users’ personalities, preferences, and traits based on their meme interactions. This deep understanding empowers the app to make precise predictions about user characteristics and subsequently offer highly compatible matches.

Vidya Madhavan, co-founder of Schmooze, shared insights about the app’s origins, stating, “Our journey began with the recognition that the younger generation expresses their thoughts, emotions, and life experiences through the language of memes. We harnessed the power of AI to decipher what these memes reveal about people’s preferences, helping them navigate the path to love with laughter as their guide. Schmooze isn’t just about matching; it’s about creating a space where humor becomes the bridge to forging deep and meaningful relationships.”