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Top 10 countries to visit in the spring season


Spring season is the most beautiful of the four seasons in a year and is an ideal time for you to visit the top 10 countries that you have always planned to visit from so long.

Due to the floral beauty coming alive in vibrant hues during spring, this season has altogether been eulogized in mesmerizing lore by a number of poets across the world.

To see and feel the vibes of the colourful blossoms, you can also satiate your wanderlust by going on a visit to these top 10 countries in the spring season-

1. Japan
A most perfect country to visit in March, Japan never fails to charm a traveller with its wonderful cherry blossoms. During this period, the weather is also pleasant in this country so it is a great time to pack your bags to experience spring here.

2. Switzerland
This mountainous country has been the classic honeymoon destination across the globe. Moreover, spring season is also the most ideal time of the year to see Switzerland come alive in different colours due to the abundance of flowers blooming proudly.

3. South Africa
To go for an adventurous trip, South Africa is altogether the best to visit in spring season. The excellent weather conditions motivate tourists for beach vacations and wildlife expeditions.

4. Mauritius
The most agreeable time to visit Mauritius is April and May. Due to the clear skies and sea and also because of the wonderful weather, you can enjoy a host of adventurous water sports too. It is also a great place for a relaxing vacation by the serene beaches.

5. Italy
Spring is highly pleasant in Italy as the cool weather and the colourful flowers make it a surreal place where you can enjoy a memorable vacation with your dear ones. With calm breeze and a warm sunny climate, you can tour around this beautiful country in pure delight.

6. Greece
As Greece is extremely cold in winters and scorching hot in summers, spring is an ideal time to visit this charming country. The colourful houses complementing perfectly with the bright flowers would surely cheer you up in the holiday time

7. South Korea
Spring is a great season to explore South Korea as it present mesmerizing sights to tourists with cherry blossoms in vivid hues. If you like trekking, spring is also the most ideal time to visit this country.

8. Mexico
Besides the abundance of colourful blossoms, this country of North America has great food and rich culture so going there during spring will fully satisfy your ever growing wanderlust if you are an avid traveller.

9. Vietnam
Due to a relatively cool weather along with its incredible natural beauty, culture, and history, you will undoubtedly feel satisfied during your stay in Vietnam.

10. Netherlands
This country is the most ideal one to visit in spring as you can watch thousands of tulips vibrantly blooming, flaunting their ethereal appeal and brightening up the moods of everyone. Tulip season occurs somewhere between the end of March to mid-May so pack your bags to Netherlands for a trip to remember for a lifetime.

(The content of this article is sourced from a news agency and has not been edited by the NEDP team.)