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Tragic Suicide of Assam Police Constable Raises Concerns Over Work Conditions


In a deeply tragic incident, a 26-year-old female constable from Assam Police, Gayatri Hazarika, posted at the Paltan Bazar police station in Guwahati, allegedly took her own life by jumping into the Brahmaputra River. This heartbreaking event unfolded after she had been missing since the previous night.

Gayatri Hazarika’s suicide has raised significant concerns as it is believed to be linked to her assignment at the Silsako eviction site, a duty she strongly objected to. Despite her appeals to senior police officers, her concerns were disregarded, and she was deployed to the eviction site against her wishes.

The discovery of her personal belongings, including a mobile phone, slipper, spectacles, and a suicide note on the Saraighat Bridge, suggests that she may have taken her own life by jumping into the river.

Her tragic death has prompted a search operation in the Brahmaputra River, and questions are emerging about the handling of the situation by the police. The incident highlights the importance of addressing the well-being and work conditions of law enforcement personnel.